From now until Dec. 1, residents may enter a contest by posting photos featuring a backdrop including the yellow No. 26 Union Pacific Turbine Engine on the southwest corner of the Union Station campus at 2501 Wall Ave. in Ogden.
  Photo submissions may be posted on the Union Station Foundation-Ogden Facebook page. Participants are asked to submit their contact information by messaging page administrators.
  Dozens of prizes available include T-shirts reminiscent of this year’s sesquicentennial celebration of the driving of the golden spike and passes for visiting museums at Ogden’s Union Station.
  Ogden City, in partnership with many volunteers and the Union Station Foundation, completed restoration of the No. 26 Union Pacific Turbine Engine this month.
  “Projects of this magnitude are only possible when many organizations and individuals come together,” said Julie Lewis, Union Station Foundation board president. “We look forward to many more of these projects over the next several years.”
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