The Ogden Union Station Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) ( 3) Utah Corporation organized in 1983. The Foundation’s mission is to support Ogden’s Union Station, its museums and programs in all efforts to preserve, enhance and develop the Iconic Union building and the museums, while advocating and promoting the heritage of Ogden and Weber County.

     In 1978, Union Pacific donated the historic building to Ogden City. In partnership with Ogden City, it is the Foundation’s role, through grants and fundraising, to fund capital improvements and development of the museums.

     Our vision is to provide a charitable avenue for businesses, individuals, foundations and government to enhance the atmosphere of Ogden City. 

     By reaching out to a global audience of interested parties, we will encourage the community to become active partners. Our efforts center on preserving and sharing the unique heritage of the City of Ogden, Weber County, State of Utah and the American West.

Our strategic goals are the following:

     Coordinate, promote and complete fundraising activities that will develop and nurture successful and financially sustainable museums within a newly renovated Union Station building.

  We wish to work with all community organizations, businesses and individuals in our area to be a resource to residents, enhance the visibility of the station, its museums and programs and add value to the entire community. We especially value our partnership with Ogden City.

     We look to collaborate with those in Northern Utah, especially Ogden, who wish to make our communities better through a coordinated and committed effort

  We value and are committed to open and honest communication with all those we work with to make partners, donors, volunteers etc.

     We are dedicated to see the Union Station Campus renovated and restored to become an attraction for the world to celebrate the rich history of Northern Utah.

     We are committed to help Ogden to help Ogden and Weber County be a great place to live, work and play.